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Fraser Valley Checklist Area

The Fraser Valley Checklist Area follows the boundary set out by the Fraser Valley Regional District. This boundary is also established as eBird's 'Fraser Valley' checklist area. The overall area of the checklist area is 13,361 square kilometers in size and includes a wide array of habitats, many of which are not well explored by birders. The western border includes Abbotsford, Mission and part of Golden Ears Provincial Park. To the east, parts of Manning Park and the Coquihalla Summit is included. The northern boundary falls north of Boston Bar and encompasess much of the Nahatlatch River watershed. The southern border of this checklist area follows the 49th Parallel.

The checklist boundaries were updated in 2016 mainly to compliment eBird's checklist areas and to assist in more precise data collection. This resulted in the western border in Abbotsford being extended west to just west of Lefeuvre Road. The eastern border in the Manning Park area has been relocated from Manning Park's East Gate to Allison's Pass. EBird's interactive maps can easily help persons find out where their sightings occured and in which checklist area.

To view the map of the Fraser Valley Birding checklist area visit the Fraser Valley Regional District's website or eBird Canada for more details.

Click the map below to browse popular birding sites in the Fraser Valley. This list of birding site guides are always growing so check back often.


Map of Checklist Area


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